Perfect for bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, gyms, spas & much more.

Feature rich and easy to use

Fast service with extensive stock management

In the fast-paced hospitality industry you need to be able to control your business without a compromise on speed and service quality. With the Epos Now system you can have your staff trained and ready to serve in as little as 15 minutes, thanks to its intuitive modular layout. With Fast close tender keys, rapid reordering functions, split bill options and easy tab to table transfers Epos Now is the perfect choice for your venue.

App Store

On the Epos Now AppStore you will find a vast collection of apps to extend the functionality of your EPOS system to streamline processes and scale your business.

Remote Management

You can access your entire system securely on any device from anywhere in the world to monitor security, access accounting information, change pricing or run any kind of report.

Sales Reporting

Access real-time product, sales and employee performance reports from anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

Split Bills

Split a table bill with ease. No complications or manual reconciliation required. Split by covers or split by items in an easy to use interface.

Stock Control

Do your stock take in minutes not hours. With an inbuilt stock control module and stock variances can be instantly highlighted with intelligent reporting.

Table Plan

Timers, table numbers, total and covers give you all the information you need in a single glance on a simple and insightful interface.

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